Deep Woods Survivor Axe & Knife

Deep Woods Survivor Axe & Knife

Every Cowboy should have this Deep Woods Survivor Axe & Knife combo set by Renegade Tactical Steel. This axe and knife combo set is made of 420 black coated stainless steel and are a must have for camping or a crucial part of any survival kit! Both come with custom fitted nylon sheaths and have a survival kit in their custom handles.

Features: Survival Kit in each handle include; two matches, one strip of sandpaper, fishing line, fishing hook, and a band-aide.


Deep Woods Survival Knife                                                        Deep Woods Survival Axe

Overall Length - 15-1/4"                                                              Overall Length - 12"

Blade Length - 10"                                                                        Blade Axe Face - 5"

Knife Weight - 0.7 oz                                                                    Knife Weight - 0.9 oz

Steel - 420 Black Coated Stainless Steel                                   Steel - 420 Black Coated Stainless Steel

Sheath - Nylon                                                                              Sheath - Nylon

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